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Joyful Arts Ministry

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Joyful Noise


Each rehearsal uses games, movement and singing to explore the basics of music. It also incorporates correct vocal production, music theory, sight singing, and choreography. The choir sings in Sunday Worship Services several times during the year.

Bells/Tone Chimes


Even if your child has never played before, these young ringers are quickly mastering the basics of handbell ringing. A color coded step by step approach is used and within five minutes even the 3 year olds can play. A joyful sound is ringing out for all to hear! The children ring in Sunday Worship Services several times during the year.

Rhythm Brigade


Rhythm Rocks! All ages love to shake rhythm instruments to the beat of music. Your child develops their "ear" for music here. The instruments are a lot of fun, and really easy to use: tambourines, castanets, clappers, wood blocks, jingles, claves, drums, triangles, and many more.



Our pageants bring together three complementary elements "Music, Drama and Worship" to create an exciting Christian education experience. The musicals include full dramatic staging, choreography, costumes, and sets. All music and dialogue are memorized. The children look forward to this ministry and learn important Bible lessons while having fun with music and drama. Performances are twice yearly (Christmas and Spring).

A variety of skills are needed to support these staged musicals each year. Specific needs include set design, construction, painting, costuming, props, make-up and choreography. Please fill out the Volunteer Questionaire if you are interested in helping with this year’s productions.

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